Phase 2 Application, Annotated

Introduction, Explanation, Overview

The following pages represent the entire Phase 2 application, to which we have inserted, in the form of footnotes, comments, suggestions, clarifications, cautions and other information you will find helpful.   The original DPH text appears in Times New Roman , the font used by DPH (and which applicants are required to use in the text boxes.  The annotations appears in Calibri, this font.

Please note in the lower left corner of each page is the date it was last updated, and check in from time to time for new materials.

The purpose of this document is to share our legal perspective on each question in the application. We do not purport to replace your consultants and other experts.

Some general comments:

1. Remember that the term “RMD” has two meanings in the Regulations. One is the legal entity, i.e., your nonprofit corporation that is applying for the license. The other is the facility (or “site”) where medical marijuana is grown, processed and/or dispensed.  (See the Definitions in Section 004 of the Regulations).

2.  In the course of preparing this document, we noticed that many of the DPH Word documents are loaded with formatting. As you cut and paste and otherwise download documents you may want to clear formatting before working with them.

3. Most critical is the identification of your “Executive Management Team.”  Although defined in the Instruction, there are latent ambiguities.