CCC updates municipal guidance

The CCC has issued an updated Municipal Guidance, which will be helpful to municipal officials and applicants. 

Notable is the CCC's statement (page 13)  concerning the consequence of enacting no bylaws:

[a] municipality may determine a proposed marijuana-related use falls under an existing use authorized by its bylaws or ordinances. For the purpose of understanding how to respond to a notification from the Commission that an application has been deemed to be complete, the Commission provides the following interpretation of the limits of local control.

And, instead requiring a "local certification" that the proposed operation is consistent with local law, the guidance provides, on page 13:

Local Permits: Please note that if a local ordinance or bylaw requires local permitting or licensing, the applicant does not need to have the permitting or licensing granted at the time of the notice to a municipality. Instead, the Commission simply needs to know whether such permitting or licensing is available for that particular location.

What it will take to persuade the  Commission that permitting or licensing "is available" for a particular location is uncertain, but reasonable folk should be able to work that out. 

The Guidance will be welcomed in town halls around the commonwealth.